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Conventional gyms are dull and obsolete. You are in need of the special training facility. If you are interested in getting a more sports specific conditioning program, then sign up for athletic training program at the River North location.

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In-home phyiscal training

If you have a hectic schedule, can’t get to the gym before work, or too tired when you get home, there is no longer an excuse. Our in home service will hold you accountable, and will be there to push you towards optimal health. No matter when you are free to train we have the flexibility to keep you on a consistant schedule. We bring the weight sets, steps, kettle bells, resistance bands and all else required for the most effective workout. All that required is of free space for a effective routine.

Specializing with in-home personal training we bring to you:

  • Boxing
  • Weight Training.
  • Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Plyometrics


Owner/Fitness Specialist

Tyrone Walton has over 12 years of personal training experience. I always prioritized a healthier lifestyle. I find great satisfaction helping others experience the healing powers of exercise and great nutrition. Working for the East Bank Club and Fitness Formula Clubs is how I began my career. In 2009 I decided to launch my own company SL Personal Training based in the Southloop. We are currently expanding rapidly and beginning our branch of Terror Boot camps throughout most of the downtown area.

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